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One UI

Android 9 Interface called One UI is official now

Samsung’s latest Android operating system Pie interface is called One UI. The beta version for One UI will begins in November and will be available for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 in January 2019. Yesterday, at Samsung Developer Conference 2018, one of the biggest announcement was Samsung’s new interface for Android Pie. The Samsung […]

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nearby notifications

Google is killing the Nearby Notifications feature due to spam

Three years back, in 2015 Google introduced a nearby notification features along with some other really cool location-based services. The feature was part of Google’s vision to help users discovers new apps and content based on the location, time and usage history. For example you would get a nearby open wifi notification or if you […]

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andriod 9

Google’s new policy in respond to EU $5 Billion Antitrust fine

European Commission issue a $5 billion antitrust fine to Google, asserting that Google is abusing its power in the smartphone market. Google has used Android as a tool to get more traffic to its search engine by default. Google has now 90 days starting from July 20, 2018 to change its practices or it will […]

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Chrome OS is bringing Android 9 straight after Android 7

The latest Google Pixel features latest canary version of chrome OS is an upgraded version of Android – that is Android 9. The strange thing about the update is the version number. The earlier version was Android 7.1 Nougat, and now it is Android 9 Pie instead of Oreo. This makes a jump from 7.1 […]

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lite apps

The best lite apps for Android to install

Apps take lots of memory and battery to run and even the latest flagship smartphones sometime give you notification for apps that are taking too much battery at the back end. A phone that has 16GB storage and 1GB or 2GB RAM will easily run out of space for apps. Running these apps all the […]

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Not every Pixel user is on Android Pie

Google release official version of Android Pie and security patches in August but manufactures of smart phone are still taking time to roll the update for their smart phones. For Pixel devices, Android Pie was available as soon as the release was announced. Interestingly, Google Pixel’s hardware chief Rick Osterioh revealed that over 75 percent […]

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Samsung User Experience

Galaxy S9 will get the Android Pie Beta

Google released Android 9 Pie in early August but at the time of launch only Pixel and Pixel 2 got the updated OS while other smartphone manufacturers offered beta version available for their customers except Samsung. Korean smartphone Giant usually takes months to roll the update but this time, we have good news for Samsung […]

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android Pie

5 Best new features in Android 9.0 also known as Pie

Android 9.0 is now officially Android Pie. Google has released its stable Android 9 and security patches, Android is facing challenges to bring all manufacturers to update their devices. It takes phones to update from few weeks to never. Android Nougat has less than 20 percent market share, less than even Lollipop. Android 8 Oreo […]

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android 9

The Navigation system and other new features in Android Pie

Android 9 Pie is one the most complete and consistent versions of Android so far. It delivers many promise of Android had done in the past. It has entirely new navigation system and app overview. It handles notifications in a much better way. The resource management has improved which means faster and better app performance […]

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android P

You may not get immediate Android Pie update

Whenever iOS update is available, it rolls on all devices at the same time but Android updates are little different than rest of operating system updates. Google devices will get the updates in the first phase and rest of the devices from other manufacturers can take weeks or months to receive an update. Most third […]

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Android Pie Update for Samsung Galaxy

So far, Samsung hasn’t confirmed any official dates for the Android 9.0 update schedule for its devices but Samsung France has detailed some of the changes, the updated might bring to Samsung Galaxy. The post also suggests the update may not roll out before January 2019. It’s slightly disappointing for Samsung users as many manufacturers […]

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developer preview

Google has rolled out the third developer preview

In May Google released second developer preview during the I/O Conference and only after a couple of months, Google has released the ‘third developer preview, but the second beta”. Google hasn’t announced the final releasing date for Android P but the current developer mode is available for developers to try code and have a taste […]

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Android P

Android P Beta 3 – Detailed 20+ new features

Android P or Android 9.0 is the upcoming ninth version of the Android operating system soon to be launched in not-too-distant future. Although it hasn’t got any name yet, but we have our pretty strong assumption that it would be named as Popsicle. On March 7, Google made the ‘Developer Preview’ available for developers so that […]

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Andriod P

Google rolled out the Andriod P Beta 3

On Monday July 2nd Google announced to roll out the third public beta version of Android P, around summer season, which is supposed to be close-to-final version of Android 9.0. If you are using Pixel device or a handset from the other OEMs that partnered with Google for the beta, chances are you have already […]

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Andriod 8.0

Some of Samsung phones will be getting Andriod 8.0 Oreo in July

Samsung has already initiate the update of operating system Andriod 8.0 update for a few of its smartphones, but still there would be many phones that haven’t receive it yet. Most of the Samsung smartphone which haven’t received the Andriod Oreo 8.0 update so far belong to the mid-range smartphones class, which is why Samsung […]

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