galaxy A8s

Frist look at official new images of Galaxy A8s

The very first images for Samsung Galaxy A8s are official now. The link  doesn’t have high quality images yet these are good enough to predict what design is all about. In this case, you can see the camera hole in the left top corner on the smartphone’s infinity O display. These images are very much […]

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one ui

Samsung new user interface One UI seems to win hearts

Samsung unveiled its new user interface few weeks after Android latest operating system Android Pie was launched. The event was Samsung developer conference held in November. One UI interface was developed with user in focus where un-necessary information was removed. The access to action elements was made easy and highlight important information within app. The […]

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samsung factory

Samsung Galaxy sales volume declined – First time ever

Samsung Electronics produces the largest number of smartphones in the world. The market has grown so much in these years but still reports suggest that Galaxy sales have been declined due to prolonged smartphone replacement cycle. Samsung Electronics decided that the company would be unable to invest in Vietnam in its smartphone business. Domestic part […]

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Samsung is aiming for fastest growing mobile Market ‘India’

Samsung Electronics, a subsidiary of the company is facing drop in sales this year. Its latest flagship smartphone failed to reach the expected profit margin which made the company analysts to re-think over the sales and marketing strategy. On the contrary, sales in Indian subsidiary have increased to 1% this year. India is over-populated progressive […]

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galaxy foldable

Samsung is targeting a particular age group for Galaxy F

Samsung came up with the marketing strategy for its much hype Samsung Galaxy Foldable. It is assumed that this would be the most expensive smart phone ever and would not be affordable for everyone. The speculated price range is around $1600 to $1850 which is way more for middle class people. Samsung Galaxy F is […]

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galaxy a50

Galaxy A50 with Android Pie and Exyonos 9610 chip appears on benchmark

Recently, an unannounced phone from Samsung appeared in GeekBench, a benchmark data base for the performance test. It is assumed that Samsung Model Number SM-A505FN is actually the next expected smartphone from Samsung – Galaxy A50. It predecessor was Galaxy A5(2017) model. The cell phone is powered by Exynos 9610 processor and has 4GB of […]

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Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy A8 and A8+

Samsung has announced the release date for Galaxy A8, A8+ in China which is 10th of this month. Galaxy A8 and A8+ are the first Samsung’s smart phones to receive the Infinity display. It is beautiful, large edge to edge display for an extended screen. Galaxy A8 has 5.6 inch display whereas A8+ has 6 […]

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Galaxy A8

Samsung used a stock photo to pose as a Galaxy A8 sample shot

Samsung has announced the release date for Galaxy A8 on December 10 which would be this year’s last smart phone by Samsung. No doubt, it has great design and far superior hardware and software features. This smart phone will be the first Samsung’s first mobile to get Infinity-O display. Samsung has confirmed the launch and […]

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Galaxy S8

December Deals: Get an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S8 for $290

Samsung Galaxy S9 is already here but it’s expensive and definitely not for anyone. It has gigantic screen, all day long battery, superfast processors that power S9and huge storage. It is no doubt one of the best smartphones right now, but despite all of this, Galaxy S8 hasn’t lost its charm. One of the biggest […]

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galaxy smartwatches

Samsung is bringing in-display fingerprint technology to Smartwatches

Samsung would launch a flagship smart phone with in-display fingerprint sensor early 2019. The Galaxy S10 would be the first Samsung smart phone to get this technology. In the second quarter of 2018, Samsung applied for a patent that feature in-display fingerprint scanning technology for its upcoming smart phone. The company hasn’t reveal the name […]

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Galaxy J series get November 2018 security Patch

November has come to end, but just one day near to the end, Samsung rolled out November security patch for more cellphones – now it was J series which get the updates. These would make these mobile more secure and reliable. Galaxy A series phones – A6+, A8 has already this update earlier this month. […]

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Galaxy s9 camera

Galaxy S9 gets few camera changes with Android Pie update

Android Pie has been released for Samsung Galaxy S9 and it has brought some cool features for cameras. The interface isn’t much different from what the older Android 8.1 Oreo had to offer but still there are some key changes. One change in particular, is associated with camera app and might not be liked by […]

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Samsung Pay

Samsung will add support to more banks in 2019

In the recent announcement, Samsung claimed to add support for 5 more banks to its money transaction platform – Samsung Play. At a media event in Johannesburg, Samsung pay lead Philip talked about the company’s latest initiate for adding more bank including Investec and Discovery Bank. He also gave a schedule for Samsung’s pay. In […]

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bending technology

Samsung accused China for stealing its screen bending technology

South Korea has charged 2 Chinese companies and 9 individuals for illegally selling Samsung’s screen bending technology to Chinese mobile company. Reportedly the Chinese companies bought the secrets related to functionality of organic light emitting diode from the chief executive officer of a Samsung supplier and 8 of its employees in $13.8 million(15.5 Korean won). […]

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One UI beta

One UI beta program for Galaxy Note 9 is open in US now

Samsung has finally rolled out its latest user interface for Android 9 Pie also known as One UI beta version in US for Galaxy Note 9 with a restriction. It won’t let users of unlocked cell phone to register for beta version. The actual update isn’t rolled out yet but the global update is expected […]

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1TB storage

Samsung Galaxy S10+ might have 1TB native storage

2018 is about to end. This year we witnessed few flagship smartphones by technology giants. Some were quite successful whereas others could not even make any highlights. Samsung also came up with Galaxy Note 9, S9 and S9+ but Galaxy S9 and S9 couldn’t make any impressive sales. In fact, the figures were quite disappointing. […]

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notch display

Samsung is going to have notch on Galaxy smartphones

2018 has been really busy year for Samsung and now when the year is about to end, the rumors about its next year smart phones have started to pour in. Samsung’s next year mobiles seem to be very exciting and featured-rich. The company is going to celebrate its 10th anniversary of S-series next year as […]

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galaxy s10

Samsung Galaxy S10 may have drastic camera specs

After Samsung released Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9, the spotlight is on its next flagship series phone – Galaxy S10. Samsung is expected to implement new design and some hardware changes on its upcoming 10th anniversary smartphone. The rumors suggest that Samsung is planning to release 4 variants of Galaxy S10 from budget to […]

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Galaxy A8s

Samsung Galaxy A8s is going to have Infinity-O display

This year was pretty busy for Samsung but it hasn’t slow down it even a little bit. Samsung seem to be all set to rock in next year as well. We already know about much hyped and anticipated foldable smart phone Samsung Galaxy F and Galaxy S10. Now there are rumors about another Samsung smartphone […]

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galaxy update

Security Patch update November 2018 for Samsung Mobile Phones

Samsung has rolled out security patch for November and 3 of its smart phones will be getting these updates this week. An update has been release for the Galaxy A5 and A8, for the latest security patch to the devices. The updates has named as A520FXXU7CRJG and A530FXXS3BRK6 for the A5 and A8 respectively. The […]

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Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy A9 – the world’s first quad camera smartphone

Samsung has just released world’s first four camera smartphone. The device isn’t available in USA right now but it is now available for purchase via Samsung UK, European and Asian countries. Samsung has come up with 4 sensors which has never seen before. Each lens has its own particular functionality that when combine with other […]

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Samsung BlackFriday

You can’t miss Samsung in-sane Black Friday Offers

Black Friday is here and things can’t get any better than this. Samsung is giving up to $400 discount on its amazing flag ship smart phones. If you want a better phone it’s the best time to buy it and you don’t even to worry even if you are on limited budget. These un-believable discounts […]

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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will be available in snowy white color

It is November, and everyone seems to enjoy the snowy weather. Which could be more appropriate month to release Galaxy Note 9 in snowy white color than November itself. May be the developers at Samsung wanted design to relate with something like weather or Christmas. Who knows? All we know that color leak seem exciting […]

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Samsung Android Pie beta is now live in Germany

Samsung announced the date for released Android Pie beta and it went live according to the schedule. Germany was also included in the list of countries approved for beta release but it didn’t get the beta program on Nov 15. The amazing Samsung’s customer service agents didn’t know what was going on which added further […]

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Samsung is limiting free themes to 14-day trial

Samsung is loved for its user interface and customization options. This is one of the reason Samsung has ruled among all other Android smartphones for years now. Samsung also had lots of free themes for its fans which was another reason for being leader in the mobile industry. Samsung theme simply let you to control […]

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galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 would be full-screen display device

Somehow, Samsung has figured out a way to make its next flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 a full-display device that doesn’t have notch in design. A new patent submitted by the company uses a tiny circle in the top left corner of the display screen that will presumably hold the front-facing camera. The patent was first […]

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Samsung Galaxy J series will now have auto-brightness

Samsung budget series smartphones are good but one of the biggest difference between budget smartphones and flagship smart phones were lack of an ambient light sensor. It’s around 9 years since the first android smartphone was released in the market, but the Korean Tech Giant is still manufacturing smart phones that can’t adjust brightness automatically. […]

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Samsung’s best 5 mid-range smartphones in 2018-2019

Samsung is known for its expensive and luxury smartphones with huge display size and innovative features but Samsung also produce inexpensive mobile phones for people with low income or who just prefer not to spend too much on phones. Although Samsung technology is one of the best technologies behind smartphones but we can still list […]

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Samsung Exynos 9820 supports on-device AI processing

Samsung unveiled the Exyons 9820 which will power the Galaxy S10 next year today. It is Samsung’s next generation flagship smart chip with on-device artificial intelligence processing. The Exynos 9820 has lots of improvements over its predecessor processor chip Exynos 9810 from the last year. Exynos 9820 features a fourth-generation custom processor with an advanced […]

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Samsung may re-launch adoptable storage with Android Pie

Recently a member a XDA forum discovered adoptable storage as an option in firmware. It doesn’t work properly at the moment and crashes around 40% according to him but we can expect something solid from Samsung regarding adoptable storage with the release of Android latest version. Adoptable storage was an option in Android three years […]

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