Galaxy Note 8

7 Reasons you should still buy Samsung Galaxy Note 8

After Samsung announced launch of Galaxy Note 9, its predecessor Note 8 has become favorite for budget conscious tech enthusiast users. Why? Well, we give you 7 reasons to consider it before making any purchase decision to upgrade your cell phone.

  1. Galaxy Note 8 is big

It has a 6.3-inch 1440p Super AMOLED display with curved edges similar to the Galaxy S8, but with slightly more flat surface area. It has perfect soft edge that would fit in your hands and you can enjoy watching videos.

  1. S-Pen addition

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has incredibly accurate S-Pen for business related bits and pieces. Now you don’t have to worry about using your fingers to control everything on your screen. It’s a great productivity tool for signing documents, and better than anything available right now.

  1. Impressive Image Quality

With Note 8 you have dual aperture goodness. The Pictures are really impressive with vibrant color. With such a great quality images, you hardly need to apply any color correction filter on these before uploading to Instagram. Note 8 has still one of the best smart phone camera on the market.

  1. Unrivalled Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has QHD+ resolution (2960 x 1440) display for 6.3 inch screen size. Aspect ratio for flagship smart phones is clearly 18:9 usually. It’s comfortable to hold it in your palm and one of the best industry has to off so far. Even Apple trust Samsung to supply panels for the iPhone X. Display look clearly visible and show vibrant color due to an insane 1200 nits brightness level.

  1. Fast processor

Samsung has released two variants of Galaxy Note 8. One that is for European market use Exynos 8895 processor and Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 for USA and china market. After Samsung rolled out a new update for operating system to Oreo 8.0, whole device give much snappier and responsive user experience.

  1. Price

After Samsung Note 9 release is being in news, Note 8 is facing a drop in retail price. A refurbished model now costs just $500+ on Amazon which is really a good deal if you are price-conscious user.

  1. Accessories

The Note 8 has now been out long enough that we have now wealth of Note 8 accessory options, plus they are now cheaper than they were at time of launch.

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