Samsung Galaxy S10 Design

What makes Samsung Galaxy S10 so cool?

Samsung has already announced release date for its flagship smart phone Note 9. In weeks we will see its unveiling event. To be honest, we heard so many rumors about designs and specifications that it is already getting underwhelmed for Note 9. Samsung failed to deliver much in year 2018 as its new phone looks like its old predecessor and there isn’t much in terms of new feature to excite users. People seem to more interested to know about Galaxy S10 as it may direct the future of S series.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ are merely an S upgrades, just like Apple used to make with its iPhone. The Note 9 will have almost the same features as Samsung latest Galaxy S phones. The upcoming Note 9 has some new specification details which makes it “larger” then S series. We have to wait for few weeks now to see how these new features like an updated S-Pen stylus with Bluetooth and gigantic display to attract customers.  Users usually wants “more” when they want to update their old phones.

Things may not seem to work for Samsung this year, but the Korean tech giant is ready to make waves early next year. Samsung would be celebrating 10th anniversary of its S-series in 2019. To make its anniversary little memorable, company is working for few years on features, no smart phone has so far.  The Galaxy S10 is expected to be a complete overhaul from top to bottom.

How Samsung Galaxy S10 might look like?

Few graphic designers have used their imaginations and leaked information to present design for upcoming smart phone. ConceptCreator, has uploaded a video on youtube to demonstrate the new design for S10. This is completely based on rumors but if S10 is anything like that, we are already sold.


Although it’s almost 5 months early, but rumors don’t seem to stop anytime.  Samsung fans are excited and hopeful at the same time for something new and exciting. Follow is the video that showcase the could-be-possible design for S10.

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