Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 looks amazing in the teaser

Samsung is ready to launch its upcoming flagship smart phone Galaxy S10+, S10 and a third variant in early 2019. We don’t have any official announced hardware or design specifications but that doesn’t stop graphic designers to create designs what could be near-to-real designs. Mobile industry is under the hit of rumors about Samsung Galaxy S10 looks. Everyone seems to expect too much from this smartphone as it may determine the future of S series. Predecessor of S10, failed to impress the market. Finger crossed, we are awaiting for the release, but till then we can assume the work of some reputable designers like following.

According to the rumors, display of Galaxy S10 has been updated. It offers less bezel or none at all. Samsung Galaxy S10 could have an all-new Infinity Display with an impressive screen-to-body ratio of 93 percent. The figure for this year’s S9 is 83.6 percent. The S10 screen is rumoured to “exceed 600 ppi”. That would be an improvement on the screen in the S9, which has a resolution of 570 ppi.

This teaser videos isn’t final video. We can expect more to come from other designers as well. Samsung has introduced its unbreakable display technology. This technology could be used in S10 or may appear in Samsung’s much hyped fold able Galaxy X as well.


Samsung patent confirms the use of in-display ultrasonic technology

Samsung is expected to have in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanner. This is just a rumor yet. Samsung recently applied for a patent application that clearly shows the use of ultrasonic fingerprint sensor for its next-generation mobile phones. Usually patents are not tied to any specific device, so Samsung kept it as ambiguous it could. We are not sure which smartphone is going to use this technology. We can only assume that it has to be Galaxy S10.

The latest rumors suggest the S10+ (or Plus) will feature a 6.44-inch screen, which is actually bigger than that expected on the Note 9. Qualcomm and Samsung have recently announced a ‘strategic relationship’ agreement. This agreement specifically mentions the “transition to 5G”.

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