Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy S10 is ready to shot with its wide angle triple lens camera

According to the Korean technology magazine, the Samsung Galaxy S10 will have triple lens camera to compete with Huawei P20 Pro. As per rumors, Samsung may introduce Galaxy S10 with much advanced features Huawei or anyone else has used so far. Rumors suggest it will consist of a 12MP camera, a 13MP telephoto shooter with a 16MP super wide angle camera to produce a much larger landscape or group photos.

Huawei’s P20 Pro, offers a triple lens camera with 5 time Hybrid Zoom. This type of zoom isn’t equal to optical zoom but it creates superior results than digital zoom in most situations. It uses a combination of three cameras, pixel binning and advance computational technology to deliver the optimize result. It’s not the first time we have heard of Samsung Galaxy S10 using triple lens with a super wide angle camera. Last month ETNews also suggested the same feature. Now unless both has same source, we can expect a third camera with an ultra-wide perspective in Samsung Galaxy S10


Why we need super-wide angle shot?

Wide angles can capture more of the scenery than usual camera. The P20 pro has an advantage of hybrid zoom, but it doesn’t allow you to shoot super wide angle images like LG’s recent flagship smart phone. Samsung Galaxy S10 , however is coming up with both features – telephoto zoom and super wide angle shots. So if you are someone who takes lots of pictures with smart phone, you might like to check on next year smart phones. Right now, none of smart phone has both features. You have to choose between the two while making a purchase decision. Galaxy S10 might come up with something more as well. But, so far, these two feature sound good enough for Samsung fans. Would you buy a smart phone just because of its camera or you need more to have an update of your phone.


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