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Galaxy S10: what are rumored specs so far?

Following the launch of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9, the next big thing would be Samsung flagship smartphone Galaxy S10. Galaxy S9, S9+ were simple iterative updates of S8 and nothing much to offer to its users. To survive, S-series has to come up with something better than just simple iteration. Rumors are set to flow in for S10, after Note 9 has unveiled.

Galaxy S10 release date

Every year, we heard rumors of an early launch but it hardly came true. So far we have three estimated release dates:  There would be biggest and most significant mobile conference at the end of February 2019. Typically, Samsung holds a Galaxy unpacked event on a Grand scale in Barcelona, on the eve of Mobile World congress. An educated guess, would be 24 February, 2019. Some sources suggest that, Samsung may launch two of its flagship smartphones – Galaxy S10 and Samsung Foldable at ‘Mobile world Congress’ in February. However, this is too early to know an exact date for the release of Galaxy S10.

Galaxy S10 in-display fingerprint scanner

Galaxy S10 won’t be the first phone to get in-display fingerprint scanner, but it would be Samsung’s first smartphone to try this technology. We have that this will be from Qualcomm, which has been confirmed by Samsung itself. IceUniverse, a reputed leaker has suggested that the screen resolution of the s0 will exceed 600PPI. The Galaxy S9 and S9+ already offer incredibly sharp resolution, with 570 and 530ppi respectively, but 600ppi would be a great display. S10 will use Samsung’s infinity display, but will its dimensions. S10 will be 5.8 inches whereas S10+ will be available in 6.3 inches.

According to “Business Insider”, S10 will be released in three different sizes. The first variant will be of 5.8 inches, second would offer 6.1 inches and third would be of 6.4 inches. The larger two S10 will likely be high-end versions and will use ultrasonic technology for fingerprint scanning whereas the mini variant will use optical technology to read fingerprints. This will be entry level smart phone and will cost less than both of these.

Galaxy S10 Hardware and Software Specs

  • Chipset will be AI enabled, with CPU, GPU and separate neural processor
  • UFS 3.0 storage
  • 93 percent or more screen-to-body ratio
  • 9th Generation super AMOLED display
  • There won’t be any 5G support. This is official now. As Samsung mobile chief DJ Koh told that the company is working with South Korean carriers to launch a 5G phone but it won’t be the upcoming Galaxy S10. This won’t matter much as 5G networks haven’t hit the system yet.
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 will be run on Android Pie. It is also likely to have the next-generation Bixby and Google Assistant.
  • There would be three lens camera on the rear side, and two lens on the front. That’s total five camera power with wide angle and dual aperture

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