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Galaxy S10 is going to have a major upgrade

Samsung is putting every effort to make the Galaxy S10 a true improvised smartphone, rather than just a simple iterative model of its predecessor. After Galaxy Note 9 has been released, rumors are circulating about next upcoming smartphone by Samsung – Galaxy S10. This smartphone is going to be special in two terms: It’s releasing on the 10th anniversary of Samsung S series, and second, this phone may decide the future of S-series smartphones. Previous models like S9 and S9+ couldn’t do well in the market and Samsung is facing some criticism for using same design features with very little hardware updates in these smartphones.

Rumors already suggest in-display ultrasonic fingerprint scanning feature in Galaxy S10 which is way better and secure than existing optical fingerprint scanning technology. The rumors also suggest for some heavy upgrades in camera system module for Galaxy S10. According to ET News, which has been reliable source for tech related news, has reported that Samsung will incorporate five cameras in total within Galaxy S10.

Galaxy S10 will have three cameras at back side, and two at front side. We have seen five cameras in other smartphones but what’s interesting is AI introduction in these rear cameras. They will operate different than regular cameras. Primary camera would be of 12MP, and has 13MP telephoto lens to complete the camera. This would give 3x optical zoom. Another lens would be 16MP lens with a wide angle with 123-degree Field of View.

LG has already using the later feature in dual camera system but so far, no other vendor tried all three features. Samsung would be the first one to try do-it-all approach. However they still have to work on complexity of having everything in a tiny camera casing of Galaxy S10. Apart from the technical aspect, the other factor that Samsung has to consider is – its cost. Having five camera lens in one smartphone is expensive, that is why Samsung is only incorporating this feature in the high-end variant of Galaxy S10 that might cost around $1000 in market. This price can even go up, if the rumors regarding S10 having 5G compatibility is true.

5G addition in Galaxy S10

Samsung is releasing Galaxy S10 in three variants – also known with their code names: Beyond 0, Beyond 1 and Beyond 2. Ice Universe suggest that the support for 5G limit would be limited and only Galaxy s10 Plus may have 5G compatibility. This could be game changer for S-series as 5G support means way faster and responsive smartphone than ever.

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