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Samsung is working on Galaxy s10 four variants

Rumors suggest that Samsung is working on Galaxy S10 variants – all having in-house code names like Beyond 0, Beyond 1, Beyond 2 and Beyond 2 5G. After iPhone come up with variants, Samsung followed the pattern and plan to release three main versions of the Galaxy S10, as well as a 5G version of the phone. Beyond 0 would be entry level device whereas Beyond 2 5G will be Galaxy’s S10 Plus. These are merely rumors for the time being and we don’t have confirm news regarding 5G compatibility. The largest variant is going to have 6.44 inch screen.

Every variant will further have two models – one for US and the other one for the rest of the world. The model powered by US is going to have a chipset from Qualcomm Snapdragon chipset – which is not a surprise. Samsung is planning to launch a triple camera system at rear side on at least one of the phones, while the high-end variant of the flagship smartphone will get an ultrasonic finger print reader as well.

Officially Samsung hasn’t confirmed the use of ultrasonic technology for Galaxy S10. Recently, Samsung applied a patent for ultrasonic technology which has raised expectations for upcoming Galaxy S10. Samsung mobile division CEO DJ Koh, mention that “Design changes to Galaxy S10 will be very significant.” This was the first time, Galaxy S10 is confirmed officially. Multiple rumors suggest that bezels from the smartphone will be less.

Samsung has amazing ability to bring new technologies in the market as well, taking off other technologies in the horizon and adapt at fact pace. Apple has been considered Samsung’s biggest rival and Samsung never failed to give Apple some tough time. Galaxy S10 will have ultrasonic fingerprint scanner which even Apple doesn’t have. Ultrasonic technology will add an extra layer of security and probably some extra dollars in price of the flagship too.

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