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Galaxy S10 won’t copy any feature from iPhone X

Galaxy S10 will be packed with some really exciting new features. The upcoming flagship smartphone is the most exciting phone right now, but its predecessor was a disappointment for the Samsung fans. S9 and S9+ failed miserably to attract new users because of its similarity with S8 and S8+. Lack of innovation destroyed S-series reputation. Now, Samsung has to re-earn that reputation for S-series with S10 and S10+. It’s probably now or never for the series. Rumors suggest that if S10 failed to gain market shares, Samsung may abandon S-series completely. But these are just rumors. We don’t have any official confirmation yet.

So what is so great about Galaxy S10? We know from official sources that it’s going to have a “Better Design” as suggested by Samsung’s DJ Koh. Due to an official patent application filed by Samsung, rumors suggest that it may use Ultrasonic Technology for in-display finger print scanning which is way powerful than existing optical finger print scanning technology.

Ultrasonic technology takes 3D image of finger print and works even if your fingers are slightly wet or have low light situation. Optical technology works similar to digital camera for your prints and take 2D image. Apple has already get rid of optical technology in favor of faceID recognition but, ultrasonic seems exciting. Isn’t?

Galaxy S10 is re-innovating camera system by using four camera lens at rear side. Samsung and Qualcomm’s first 7nm chipsets will power the phone, along with the next generation RAM and Flash memory chip set.

If there is one thing Samsung fans doesn’t like is copying Apple. They buy Samsung because they don’t’ like iPhone. Now a days, every vendor seems to copy some features of Apple’s iPhone X. But, Samsung decided not to. Samsung doesn’t like to copy iPhone X atleast. It has literally wrote the book on copying Apple. Samsung is first choice of android users, who doesn’t like a phone that copies iPhone X. So, when every phone is copying design of iPhone X, Galaxy S10 will be notch-free.

Samsung’s insider IceUniverse has confirmed that Samsung has no intention of releasing phones with notches in their displays. IceUniverse has suggested many leaks about Samsung’s flagship smartphones in the past and never failed to impress the audience. Galaxy S10 and S10+, which are Samsung’s most highly anticipated phones in year, will feature infinity display and there won’t be any notch as part of design.

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