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iPhone Xs Max crushed Galaxy Note 9 in its first real-life speed test

Apple’s long awaited iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max were finally in the market after what seemed like a long wait. There were no official updates but still rumors about iPhone latest mobile phones were already making iPhone fans impatient. It is not surprise that now, people are comparing two gigantic phones of this year – iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 9. Despite there were nothing huge that changed in iPhone latest phone, iPhone users are pretty happy with the phone. The iPhone XS seems to have smallest year over year, as people usually upgrade their phones after two or three years.

For anyone who has to buy a new phone or need to upgrade from the old one, comparison between iPhone XS and Galaxy Note 9 is a must. Galaxy Note 9 has massive upgrades with bigger screen, Bluetooth enabled S-Pen, way better camera lens with AI than its predecessor. Even you can have storage upto 1TB, thanks to expandable storage option. Seem like it has everything for its users.

Often youtubers make comparison of two highly discussed smart phone and tear down their complete specification list for their followers. YoutTube channel SuperSaf TV compare the new iPhone X against the 128GB Galaxy Note 9 with Samsung’s exynos SoC in what the narrator calls a “SuperSaf” speed test. The comparison is like regular speed test we usually see on internet, like opening the same app on both smartphone being compared or playing a particular game on both simultaneously so users will get the idea which is better but this YouTube channel didn’t measure full lap times. Instead he shows how each action compares on the two phone.

Despite of having 6GB of RAM installed in Galaxy Note 9, it seem to struggle with this test. Things were fine now but as load of apps were getting high, Galaxy Note 9 didn’t match the speed.

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