Android Pie Update for Samsung Galaxy

So far, Samsung hasn’t confirmed any official dates for the Android 9.0 update schedule for its devices but Samsung France has detailed some of the changes, the updated might bring to Samsung Galaxy. The post also suggests the update may not roll out before January 2019. It’s slightly disappointing for Samsung users as many manufacturers have been testing Android 9 for their devices. Nokia has already started to update its phones with Android 9 Pie. Despite its coming from official sources, we can’t be sure about the changes Android 9 may bring to phones till the major update itself.

It has been confirmed that the dual SIM variants will support VoLTE and VoWIFI for second SIM. This was already enabled on the Galaxy S9 with a software update and is also supported by Galaxy Note 9. Some additional features are also included in the Android Pie update for native apps like the easy access to voice recorder and Gallery browsing. With Android 8, camera app used to show all of the images when the app was launched through the camera. Samsung has already fixed this with software update and show only pictures in Camera folder when the Gallery is opened after taking a photo through the camera app. New camera features are being developed which will be available from January 2019 as same timeframe as Android Pie will be released.

One can use phone’s flash in the direct focus mode, something which the Galaxy Note 9 already has. Android 9 Pie may bring some additional features for Samsung users like a floating keyboard while playing games. User would be able to read the number and name during an incoming call and to cut audio recordings.

Some leaks suggests Samsung won’t have a public beta program for Android 9 and will directly release the final updates to users around the globe. However, we have to wait and see what Company has decided for new OS updates. The leaked Pie build seems incomplete so far, so we have to wait at least till January 2019 to see what these new features are and how these will effect Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note 9.

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