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5 Best new features in Android 9.0 also known as Pie

Android 9.0 is now officially Android Pie. Google has released its stable Android 9 and security patches, Android is facing challenges to bring all manufacturers to update their devices. It takes phones to update from few weeks to never. Android Nougat has less than 20 percent market share, less than even Lollipop. Android 8 Oreo achieved only 0.20 percent in its first month and you may not get to experience the best features of Android Pie for a while. We are hopeful that devices will roll out updates in the upcoming months. Whether you are using Pie or looking forward to it, here are some of the exciting new features of Pie you must know about.

New Navigation

We all know about standard Back, Home, Recent navigation bar at the bottom of our phone sets for years. In Pie, you can switch off the swipe up on home button. To switch apps, swipe up on home button. Swipe up again to see all apps. Works from any screen. You will no longer have an Overview button on the bottom right of your screen. Go to Settings > System > Gestures > Swipe up on Home button. Your navigation bar will update itself right away.

Adaptive Battery and Brightness

Doze feature was introduced by Google in Android 6 Marshmallow. Doze put apps that you are not using into a deep sleep to prevent the battery drainage. No adaptive battery has gone one step further by learning about the apps you don’t use mostly and then adjusting accordingly. Adaptive battery is enabled by default but you can also switch it off by going to Settings > Battery > Adaptive Battery. It will limit battery usage for apps that you don’t use often. Likewise, Android Pie has ability to adjust brightness as well. It will learn about your preferred brightness settings for various apps and environments and will adjust accordingly.

App actions and slices

After Google launcher, we have App Actions which let you quickly start tasks. These are similar to the app shortcuts available which were inspired by 3D touch on the iPhone. The smarter prediction means you are going to use shortcuts more often. Slices are similar to app actions. It let you jump straight to certain actions. For instance, if you search for Lyft on your mobile phone, you will see a shortcut to hail a ride to work, complete with price and ETA.

Improved Security

Google has worked hard on security after some apps are being witness in unauthorized or unwanted activities or user’s smart phone. Android 9. Restrict access to mic, camera and all sensors from apps that are idle. This means that even if you have granted permission for an app to access your microphone, it can’t do unless you are actively using it. Android Pie has a new lockdown mode for your phone in emergency situation. After enabling this at Settings > Secruity > Lock screen preferences > Show lockdown option, you can tap Lockdown on the Power menu. It will lock your phone, disables fingerprint and hide notifications on your lock screen. You are going to need PIN, Password or Pattern to unlock it.

New Screenshot shortcut

I have been taking screen shot all the time while surfing the net, or Google maps. The default Power + Volume Down buttons combination is bit awkward. Here Pie came to rescue with only Power Menu. You can take a shortcut from the Power menu anytime. What’s interesting is, that you can even access Edit right away.

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