Not every Pixel user is on Android Pie

Google release official version of Android Pie and security patches in August but manufactures of smart phone are still taking time to roll the update for their smart phones. For Pixel devices, Android Pie was available as soon as the release was announced. Interestingly, Google Pixel’s hardware chief Rick Osterioh revealed that over 75 percent of users have already updated to Android Pie.

Apple announced latest operating system – iOS 12 recently and it has already reached 50 percent of iOS users last week. Pixel adoption rate seems as it has reached over 75 percent and more users are updating every day. This number is much better than Android last version Oreo which reached hardly over 20 percent of Android devices even after a year of its release. Pixel has a very tiny share of android smartphones and even pixels are doing well with updating its operating system, we don’t have exact numbers on how many android smart phones are getting the updates.

Considering the Pixel is a pretty common phone these days. It seems strange that why not 100% uses are not having the update? People could have their own reasons to not update their operating system. They may prefer the old User Interface, don’t like changes or may be don’t know or care about the update or features Pie has to offer. Not everyone using Pixel is android enthusiasts, some users are “Normal” too who don’t even use all features and for them, smart phone is just a phone. Do you know anyone who has Pixel and hasn’t update the OS?

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