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Samsung leaked names for upcoming Galaxy S devices

Korean tech giant Samsung is working on Galaxy S10 to release in 2019. As we all know that there will be three variants for Galaxy S10. The one would be high end model ready to compete latest Apple’s iPhone X edge to edge whereas the other two models would be less expensive. If you don’t want to settle for less Galaxy S10 Plus will be your best bet. This time, Samsung isn’t hiding any launch plans, as the names of the series are already leaked.  Information was shared by iceUniverse at twitter but you track the bread crumbs, Samsung would be behind the whole name leakage thing.

The cheapest one will be the Galaxy S10 lite, which is expected to have typical number of cameras for front and rear solution. Both will feature a 5.8 inch super AMOLED screen. However the Galaxy S10 Plus will display 6.44 inch screen and might offer a triple camera sensor set up for the back solution. There is also rumors about Galaxy S10 Plus having 5G capability. 5G can make huge difference when it comes to speed, and connectivity for smart phones but it may take time for local carriers to branch out to different regions. So it is good to have the capability at least.

All devices of Galaxy S10 will be powered by Qualcomm’s snapdragon 8150 or Samsung Exyons 9820. Samsung recently invested in next generation EUV 7nm LPP Chips and hopefully we will have these in Galaxy S10 as well. We are not sure about the official date for the release but it is estimated that company will unveil Galaxy S10 at the MWC 2019 trade show.

CEO of Samsung mobile has confirmed recently that Galaxy S10 will have some major design changes. Speaking to Chinese media he further added that upcoming flagship smart phone would bring “very significant design” changes. We are not sure what significant means but hey, its Samsung so we can expect something amazing is coming.


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