Chrome OS is bringing Android 9 straight after Android 7

The latest Google Pixel features latest canary version of chrome OS is an upgraded version of Android – that is Android 9. The strange thing about the update is the version number. The earlier version was Android 7.1 Nougat, and now it is Android 9 Pie instead of Oreo. This makes a jump from 7.1 to 9. Currently the changes are mostly aesthetic but the canary builds are just the beginning.

The guys at Chrome Unboxed did some testing with the latest canary build of the Chrome OS for the Google Pixel book and instead of Nougat or Oreo, they found Pie. The canary build is no longer supporting Android 7. Unfortunately Pie only power the latest canary build for the Google Pixel so if anyone not using that $1,000 machine they will have to wait. However if Google is bringing Pie to Pixel book, hopefully it will also roll the update for the other higher end chrome books.

Rumors suggest the next update will be for Chrome 71 but there is no deadline so far, hopefully somewhere around end of this year we may have to see the updated OS. The setting page now has the more colorful Pie appearance and the Google Assistant notification is more prominent. It has material design now. There won’t be much difference the way your apps would look and feel. The most exciting change would be actually in Google Assistant which will get the slick visual appearance. While the UI is in beta version, it is a well-integrated piece of the operating system.

The camera OS app will soon be replaced by the Google Camera app for Android. The default camera wasn’t good enough and left many to desire more. This would benefit the user who always want best. The camera app on chrome isn’t as good as camera app on Pixel as this app is an older version than they have it on Chrome.

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