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Google’s new policy in respond to EU $5 Billion Antitrust fine

European Commission issue a $5 billion antitrust fine to Google, asserting that Google is abusing its power in the smartphone market. Google has used Android as a tool to get more traffic to its search engine by default. Google has now 90 days starting from July 20, 2018 to change its practices or it will face a daily fine up to 5 percent of the daily turnover. Google decided to go into appeal while making significant changes to the way it distributes Android.

Recently “The verge” acquired Google’s contract with hardware manufacturers of smartphones. According to the contract, every android smartphone manufacturer would provide at least four security updates within one year of phone’s launch. Every month, Google rolled out security patches which carriers and manufacturers struggle to install.

The terms in agreement cover all devices launched after January 31st, 2018. This number would be nearly around 100,000 users. By the end of every month, these devices are going to have security patches for all vulnerabilities identified more than 90 days ago. This would ensure regular updated security for these smartphones.

This new agreement compiled smartphones will be distributed in the Europe while some other changes also place hold. The manufacturers in Europe will now be able to build smartphones without needing to bundle Google apps like Google Search, Chrome or Play Store. If they want to include these apps on their next smart phone they have to pay separately. Let’s face it, a smartphone without having Google’s play store isn’t what anyone would like to buy.

Google is responding to EU’s complaint about the company. With the new paid licensing thing, it will be more of Manufacturers responsibility to ensure the security patches. Google’s new policy would be in place from October 29, 2018 but we still have to wait, what EU has to respond.

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