Samsung is overhauling its premium smartphones for next year

Samsung is in last stage of finalizing specification details for its premium line of smart phones for next year. It’s preparing to launch its first 5G capable flagship phone with other two variants, one of these would be entry level budget smart phone and much hyped foldable phone to challenge Apple. To stay ahead in the market, Samsung is making its best efforts to realize the impossible foldable smart phone.

Samsung is in talks with Verzion Communications to have the fifth-generation wireless chipset. This would give the smartphone US bigger carrier support which is way faster than fourth generation networks currently being in use. Samsung has planned to use ultrasonic finger print sensor under the display. Its entry level variant will have the optical finger print sensor that is currently every other smart phone manufacturer is using in their models. Ultrasonic sensors are three times expensive than optical sensors and works even in not so optimal conditions. The Korean tech giant would be the first one to introduce the technology, even Apple doesn’t have it in iPhone.

Both Apple and Samsung has come up with entry level budget smart phone variant for their flagship mobile. The move seem to a desperate act to compete with Chinese rivals like Huawei and Oppo who continue to grow their share in the market as they are selling premium smart phones at cheaper rates compare to existing cell phones. An analyst at Bystreet in San Francisco suggest that its hardware that give Samsung an edge in the industry. He said, “If you think about how Samsung can differentiate itself and compete in this market, it’s with hardware. That’s what their forte is, and their foldable phone is about positioning and branding.”

The Galaxy S10 will be powered with Google’s latest Android Pie. Samsung issued a statement which states “We’re continually evolving our smartphone portfolio to provide our customers with new and exciting innovations and experiences. At this time, we don’t have anything to share about future devices. Please stay tuned.”

The foldable name has codename “Winner” whereas Galaxy S10 has code name “Beyond”. Foldable smartphone is being in manufacturing for few years now. Samsung is working on two prototypes for final stretch. One is longer horizontally and the other one vertically when folded.

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