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Galaxy S10: Two more leaks about Colors and Design

As 2018 is about to end, the rumors about the next year’s smartphones have already started to surf in. Samsung enthusiasts seems excited about upcoming Galaxy S10 and Samsung F(Foldable) which is surely going to make some waves in the industry. Samsung didn’t have huge success with Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus and they are ambitious to earn their reputation back with Galaxy S10. Now at the end of 2018, we have more news and rumors about Galaxy S10.

It is believed that Samsung will release three variants for Galaxy S10 to compete with Chinese rivals and Apple. Huawei and Oppo have great success in wining customers due to their competing prices. They are selling premium smart phones much cheaper than Apple or Samsung. So the Korean tech Giant also decided to come up with entry level budget phone and for people who always want best at any price, they have more pricey models with much greater hardware specifications and software features.

Ice_Universe has good reputation when it comes to inside leaks. Recently Ice_universe tweeted about colors Samsung may finalize for Galaxy S10. OnLeaks adds one more color to this list. According to the final list, rumored colors for Galaxy S10 are Black, Gray, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. These are quite new colors for a smart phone.

The second leak is from Blooomberg and its more detailed than the one from onLeaks. Bloomberg suggest three new Galaxy S10 smartphones. According to report, the entry level Galaxy S10 will not have Samsung’s dual edged display that exist on all of the company’s premium mobile phones. The entry level Galaxy S10 may not have finger print recognition.

The standard Galaxy S10 will have a dual-edged panel with reduced bezels on top and bottom. The gadget will feature a front camera under the screen. The Galaxy S10 will have a three rear camera setup and Samsung is also testing a variant without a 3.5 mm earphone jack. The report also suggest the support with 5G but that will depend on the availability of 5G carrier in user’s area.


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