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Android 9 Interface called One UI is official now

Samsung’s latest Android operating system Pie interface is called One UI. The beta version for One UI will begins in November and will be available for the Galaxy S9 and Note 9 in January 2019. Yesterday, at Samsung Developer Conference 2018, one of the biggest announcement was Samsung’s new interface for Android Pie. The Samsung One UI is going to replace Samsung Experience – interface for Oreo 8.

One UI aim to help users “focus on the task at hand”. One UI removes the clutter Samsung Experience used to have to appear things in more clean and minimalist way. For example, the settings page is more simplified now. Elements inside the settings are found in groups now which makes these easier to find and remember. The interface has a new fresh feeling. It display only information which is essential while removed unnecessary one.

According to Samsung, they have designed One UI while prioritizing human interaction. Samsung says, it restructured the way we interact with our devices. Buttons that are usually positioned at the top of screen has moved closer to the bottom area to make the interaction more natural and easy. The top area now shows information which we usually don’t have to interact with.

One Ui aims to be comfortable from user’s point of view. Colors have been switched to matching colors of your phone. Samsung wants hardware and software to work together in harmony. One UI has entirely different approach to display content and buttons. An open beta version of One UI will be available since November in the U.S, Germany and Korea. Officially, One UI will be rolled out in January 2019.


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