Samsung may re-launch adoptable storage with Android Pie

Recently a member a XDA forum discovered adoptable storage as an option in firmware. It doesn’t work properly at the moment and crashes around 40% according to him but we can expect something solid from Samsung regarding adoptable storage with the release of Android latest version. Adoptable storage was an option in Android three years ago which came with the operating system with Marshmallow back in 2015. It was really handy at that time. Despite of its benefits, Samsung decided to disable this feature for many variants of android. Now, it seems Samsung released the usefulness of adoptable storage for users and bringing back to Samsung users via Android Pie.



This is a simple feature that let users to use a microSD card as an extension of the internal storage of their smart phones. Without this feature, user could only move files to external storage and there were few apps that allow themselves to move over. Now users could take advantage of extra space for everything on their device. This comes really handy if you are using a device with not so much storage on disposal. This is little strange that Samsung decide to re-launch this feature when it has unveil its flagship smart phones like Galaxy Note 9 with 128GB of internal storage.

Regardless of the how much storage you have, this extra addition will be certainly of usable for apps and games. Although we are talking about an early bird, so take it with a grain of salt.

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