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Samsung Galaxy S10 would be full-screen display device

Somehow, Samsung has figured out a way to make its next flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 a full-display device that doesn’t have notch in design. A new patent submitted by the company uses a tiny circle in the top left corner of the display screen that will presumably hold the front-facing camera. The patent was first spotted by Dutch website LetsGoDigital, that shows a complete new design for 2019 flagship smartphone.

Samsung has previously mocked Apple for its iPhone X design. In a public advertisement, Samsung showed a man standing in a queue outside an Apple store with a notch shaped haircut. There has been already rumored images and prototypes for a Galaxy S10 before, with a full screen display. Other rumors around the Galaxy S10 suggest that it will use a self-healing screen, ultrasonic fingerprint recognition and probably 5G capability. The patent didn’t mention Galaxy S10 by name but as we all know that next flagship smartphone by Samsung will be Galaxy S10, so we can assume the rumors as true.

Samsung Galaxy S10 seem getting better and better. It definitely comes with new design challenges and much faster speed. The new chip is very much official now. As Samsung says, the development of 8GB LPDDR5 represents a major step forward for low-power mobile memory solutions. They are planning to expand next generation 10nm lineup to improve the premium memory access and efficient power consumption. The new chip is capable of transferring 51GB of data per second or approximately 14 full HD video files.

Galaxy S10 will also feature triple-lens camera system that would put its Chinese competitor in hot water. The expected release date for Galaxy S10 is early 2019 at Mobile World Conference being held in Barcelona.

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