Samsung is limiting free themes to 14-day trial

Samsung is loved for its user interface and customization options. This is one of the reason Samsung has ruled among all other Android smartphones for years now. Samsung also had lots of free themes for its fans which was another reason for being leader in the mobile industry. Samsung theme simply let you to control the way your settings, notification, system apps and icons appear. It let you optimize whole look and feel according to your personal preference but as part of recent update to the operating system Android, they are enforcing a rather strange change.

Samsung users who have updated their smartphones to Android Pie and as a result got One UI beta as User Interface have been sharing screenshots of a message/notification by Samsung alerting new theme policy. According to the message “ Free themes will be usable for fourteen days once applied and the Home screen will automatically change to the default Touchwiz theme (no theme theme) when the usage period ends.”

It is very strange as it is unclear at that moment that if you can re-apply the free theme after that 14 day trial or you will have another notification to purchase one. Either way, this seem unnecessary initiative from the tech Giant Samsung. This applies only if you have update your user interface from Samsung Experience to One UI. So if you haven’t updated the UI yet, you have time till January before Samsung rolled in the update for every smart phone.  If you are using One UI and got this message as well, please let us your views in comment section.


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