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Samsung Galaxy S10+ might have 1TB native storage

2018 is about to end. This year we witnessed few flagship smartphones by technology giants. Some were quite successful whereas others could not even make any highlights. Samsung also came up with Galaxy Note 9, S9 and S9+ but Galaxy S9 and S9 couldn’t make any impressive sales. In fact, the figures were quite disappointing. But this doesn’t stop Samsung being the leader of tech industry. The company decide to  double the storage and RAM on board, as rumors suggest.

Earlier this year, there were rumors that if Galaxy S9 don’t perform well, Samsung may suspend the whole Galaxy S series but this came out not so true rumor. The company itself has claimed to have a rather intuitive design. But what this new design is all about, no one is sure so far. If the recent rumor came out as true, Galaxy S10 will be the first mobile phone to have 12GB RAM and storage up to 1TB. This mean way superior performance, processing speed and multi-tasking ability.

Currently, the highest storage smartphones are offering is 512GB on most models like Apple iPhone XS, iPhone XS max and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ is said to support a 6.7 inch infinity display, and up to 6 camera – 4 camera lens for rear side and 2 camera lens at front for great selfie images. The mini entry level variant of Galaxy S10 will have 6.4 inch display.  Galaxy S10 is expected to be released in early 2019. The competition in mobile industry has increased so high. If Samsung doesn’t come up with something really compelling for users, it may seem to face disappointing sale figures next year as well.

We love Samsung. Don’t take me wrong, but like many other users the price plays an important role when I decide to upgrade my cell phone. If a phone is supporting so much memory and storage, it has to be expensive as well. But do you really need that much storage? Could this be a selling point for Galaxy S10+ in 2019? Please let us know what do think in comment section.

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