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Samsung accused China for stealing its screen bending technology

South Korea has charged 2 Chinese companies and 9 individuals for illegally selling Samsung’s screen bending technology to Chinese mobile company. Reportedly the Chinese companies bought the secrets related to functionality of organic light emitting diode from the chief executive officer of a Samsung supplier and 8 of its employees in $13.8 million(15.5 Korean won). Samsung invested around 150 million on research of this technology. The name of these companies and individuals aren’t disclosed yet but we know that they had access to such information for sure.

Due to immense competition among China and South Korea over technology, the intellectual property theft became a national concern for many. South Korea tech Giant Samsung is known of its research and innovations which needs to be protected well. China is ready to buy latest technology leads at any cost which can be very lucrative for some people. Samsung is already leading in hardware areas like memory chips and displays. It has already introduced curved edge OLED screens via Galaxy smartphones.

United States has already decide to take preemptive attempts to stop China from stealing any further technology secrets. Earlier this year, a former Apple engineer was arrested for stealing driverless car secrets. In early November, Fujian Jinhua Integrated Circuit Co. and Taiwan’s United Microelectronics corp. were charged to conspire against Micron Technology for stealing trade secrets.

In a statement, Samsung said “Shocked at the result of the investigation by prosecutors, at a time when competitors are intensifying their technology rivalry”. The company further add that it would keep a close eye on the trial. The South Korean supplier also sold 3D lamination technology and other equipment to the Chinese Screen Makers this summer, violating a non-disclosure agreement with Samsung. They were caught while transferring the pieces to mainland China via a ship.

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