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Samsung is bringing in-display fingerprint technology to Smartwatches

Samsung would launch a flagship smart phone with in-display fingerprint sensor early 2019. The Galaxy S10 would be the first Samsung smart phone to get this technology. In the second quarter of 2018, Samsung applied for a patent that feature in-display fingerprint scanning technology for its upcoming smart phone. The company hasn’t reveal the name of the phone but everyone is speculating about Galaxy S10 as it would be unveiled next year and as Samsung itself has admit about its being different and better recently. Now the report from South Korea suggest that the Company is looking forward to expand its technology to Smartwatches as well.

As per patent, a Galaxy device will have fingerprint sensor on the back side of the display. The sensor can deduct a specified pressure which is also referred as “force touch”. Force touch is basically a technology developed by Apple that enables touch screens to recognize different levels of force being applied to the surface. The trick is to place the fingerprint recognition area in the lower side of the display. The patent hits that Samsung may use this technology in both smartphones and Smartwatches.

According to patent illustrations, the device may include a display panel, a touch sensor and/or an electronic pen sensor. The electronic pen sensor can receive a touch, a gesture or input from the electronic pen. The display panel may consist of an electronic paper display panel, an LCD, an LED, a MEMS. The touch sensor would use infrared, ultrasonic touch or would be pressure sensitive.

The patent isn’t affirmation of how company is going to design the end protect but it only gives an idea of what can be included and needs to be protected or copyrighted. However, it would interesting to see a smartwatch with a fingerprint scanner although it would few extra zeros in the final price, but hey, these are not for everyone.

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