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Samsung new user interface One UI seems to win hearts

Samsung unveiled its new user interface few weeks after Android latest operating system Android Pie was launched. The event was Samsung developer conference held in November. One UI interface was developed with user in focus where un-necessary information was removed. The access to action elements was made easy and highlight important information within app. The colors and brightness was comfortable to eyes and only few days after its launch, people are loving the new interface which is still in the process of reaching wider audience.

Samsung has clearly put lots of work and thought in the design and user experience perspective. The system by-default dark theme is very pleasant to eyes and nothing has changed dramatically for the users already familiar with Samsung’s old interface user experience. In the beginning Samsung users were slightly hesitant towards new interface but removing the un-necessary information for the active card has simplified the design and improved user focus on design elements. The company offered some other themes but most of the uses are in love with dark theme.

The biggest attraction of One UI is its new animation. Samsung give you option to disable these animations if you want to. If you own Galaxy S9 and S9 plus you can have One UI with Android 9 Pie. It helps the Galaxy S9, S9+ and Note 9 to work smoother with Android Pie compared to Android Oreo. Samsung has released only three updates but these has improved the system stability and some bugs have been fixed.

The interface seems to run just fine without having any compatibility issues. So far, this has been the best visual update Samsung has brought to its Android smartphones. Even people seem to adjust with new funny looking icons after few day of usage. We hope that Samsung don’t delay the release of stable version of Pie update and we can enjoy this whole new visual experience without having any bug or compatibility issues.


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