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Samsung Pay is now available for smart watches in South Africa

Last month Samsung announced that it would launch Samsung Pay for its smart watches in South Africa. Samsung Pay is the fastest growing mobile payment service. It has supported more than 2,000 banks and financial institution around the globe. It has now rolled out the service for the smart watches in South Africa. If you own Galaxy watch, Gear S3 or Gear sport, you can install Samsung pay on your device from Samsung apps. The app however uses NFC technology which means you need an NFC enabled device to make any transactions via Samsung Pay. Any Point of sale system which doesn’t support contactless payments won’t be of any use for smart watch owners.

How you can make payments with Samsung Pay?

Samsung Pay is safe and simple mobile payment system available virtually anywhere you can swipe or tap your card. You can use it as most US retailers. Samsung Pay has the patented technology that is available at such a large scale. From small corner shop to the big department store Samsung Pay is easy to use just about to anywhere.

Simply swipe up to launch the app, authenticate yourself with the fingerprint and hover your phone by the card reader until your transaction is confirmed. To make payments with your smart watch the process is very much similar. Just register your credit card with your devices by going through the Galaxy wearable app on your Samsung smartphone. Once you are done you can make payments at any NFC enabled card reader. Just place your watch near the card read and hold the back key for one second. Now select your card and tap “Pay”. You have to register your credit card with smart watch only one time and you can use it every time without any hassle or security risk.

Samsung is still in the process of negotiation with banks for providing support on smart watches. Currently, only two banks Absa and Standard Bank support Samsung Pay in South Africa. Not every card works with Samsung Pay as well. To check if your card is supported by Samsung Pay or not, you have to contact with respective bank.

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