Samsung social media team made a huge blunder

2018 has been very exciting year for Samsung. The company came up with some really innovative smartphones industry has ever seen like Galaxy S9, Galaxy Note 9, A8s with infinity-O display. Like with every company sales reports were mixed from all over the world. In Vietnam Samsung experienced slight less sale whereas in India sale was in positive numbers. But did all the work, innovation and research was enough to make the difference in market as global leaders? When everyone seems to be excited about Galaxy Note 9 and its remote control like pen, Samsung social media team get caught using iPhone.

Samsung has tried everything to convince its staff around the world to stop using iPhone – its biggest rival. Just lask week, Samsung’s Nigerian social media office was caught promoting the Galaxy Note 9 using iPhone. Some may argue that it wasn’t a big deal but how can you invest someone to invest $900 in Galaxy Note 9 when your own employees don’t care to use it and prefer some other brand. This could be easily hidden if that was any other Android smart phone. But it wasn’t just another phone. It was iPhone that was used to take picture and upload picture over internet which made it obvious because of the tag ‘from iPhone’.

Something similar happened when Samsung India team made a tweet early Wednesday to promote the new Galaxy A9 – using iPhone. The tweet also had ‘from iPhone’ tag which didn’t leave any ambiguity. The twitter account hadn’t much following but it was big enough to get the attention of geeks all over the world. The company deleted the tweet later when people notify them that the picture that was supposed to be taken by Galaxy A9 was actually taken by iPhone.

This isn’t just its social media team that is creating problem for Samsung’s reputation. Just couple of weeks ago, Samsung faced more embarrassing situation when it uploaded a DSLR photo bought from Photo Marketplace as an image captured by one of the Samsung’s own phones.

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