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Samsung may leave S brand name in favor of a new name

Samsung Electronics will unveil its much-anticipated flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 next year at the Mobile world congress tradeshow. 2019 will also mark the 10th anniversary for the Galaxy S series. The reports suggest that Samsung is looking forward to use double digits numbers for as model numbers along with brand names. These double digits could be multiple of 10 as Huawei has been doing.

Samsung is believed to be looking for alternative names for its next smart phones. So far, we weren’t expecting any huge change in the name but a new trademark has completely surprised everyone related to Samsung smartphones. The company may drop its brand S entirely as it has applied for new names to trademark: Samsung Rize 10, Samsung Rize 20 and Samsung Rize 30. These all are brand new names intend to use with a new device in the smartphone category as reported by dutch blog LetsGoDigital. Details have not been out yet but it could be a replacement for Galaxy S series or it could be an entirely new series which seems unlikely right now.

Rumors suggest that Samsung is looking to move away from S series before it hits 10. The same trademark application is also submitted in Mexico which hints the release of this new Rize series in favor of S series. Unlike the trademark application submitted in UK, the trademark being applied in Mexico also looks to trademark an associated logo. As this is just an application, and no logo has been leaked so far, we can only expect, how much Samsung is branding its next flagship phones from its very own design to logo.

The smartphone will be released in 3 variants – an entry level model with a 5.8 inch display which is more on economical side, a slightly pricey model with 5.8 inch display but dual rear face camera lens and LTE, and finally the pricey model with 6.44 inch display, quadruple camera lens and dual front facing cameras.

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