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Samsung facing fierce competition in affordable market

Samsung Electronics have been the leading Android smart phones for the day one. But 2018 has been completely different year for the company. Despite of some amazing smartphones like Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S9, it is no secret that company is facing some competition in Android smartphone market. Its Chinese rivals are producing mobile phones with almost same features at much less price which has increased pressure on Samsung.

Recent decline of sale in Taiwan market has result serious outcome. In Indian market Samsung had seen 1.5% increase in sales but still it is not good enough for a reputed company like Samsung. Company also tried to break in the Chinese company but the growth rate couldn’t increase more than 15 percent. Samsung has relied on online sales in China instead of strengthen out its retail network which let disappointing results in the market. Companies like Xiaomi, Huawei damaged Samsung’s sales record by bringing in the affordable competing smartphones.

The Korean tech giant has shipped almost 200 million smartphones before the end of this year. Apple was at the second position which has already taken by Huawei. It has deployed its Honor sub-brand in the emerging market. Samsung has been making some of the best and innovative smartphones over the past years. Samsung has unveiled some of the best mobile phones in the market with only one problem. All of these are pricey mobile phones and not in everyone’s reach.

Samsung is definitely aware of the current situation and have decided to change its marketing strategy to better compete against rivals. It is packaging mid-range smartphone with the latest technologies and hoping for a breakthrough. The latest Galaxy A8s is Samsung’s first smart phone with the infinity O display. This would also be the first mid-range mobile phone with four cameras.

Samsung also planned to release an entire new Galaxy M series that will be mid-range series. One of its device Galaxy M20 is expected to have a 5,000mAh battery. It hasn’t provide such a large battery in any mid-range mobile phone so far. It would be releaed in Asian, Middle East and African markets. These devices are specially designed to attract users who can’t afford flagship or expensive smart phones by Samsung. M series hopefully be able to stop Samsung users from switching to another other brand.

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