DJ Koh from Samsung admits its units being “in crisis”

Samsung’s mobile division head DJ Koh wrote an internal message to its colleagues which says the unit is in crisis. He cite that the upcoming Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Foldable as potential opportunities to recover from the recent fall. Its Chinese rivals Huawei and Xiamoi successfully dent the sales reports for year 2018. The sales reports suggest about 13% decline due to fierce competition in mid-range mobile phones. The Chinese companies are releasing phones with features they can’t afford in Samsung mobiles. Samsung is preparing to compete the rivals by giving few special features in mid-range smart phones. Samsung Galaxy A8s is one of such effort. This mobile would be the first mid-range mobile phone with quad cameras and 5000mAh battery.

Samsung is hopping to re-conquer the mobile industry with the help of its much hyped Galaxy Foldable and Galaxy S10. Both of these are flagship smart phones and have their own unique features. Critics claim that Galaxy F has the ability to make or break Samsung’s reputation. Samsung Galaxy F has a unique style and flattens out for a tablet size display. The infinity flex display as tech call it has given an entire new direction to mobile development. It has used different kind of materials to the entirely next level which has never used before.

Samsung’s mobile profit was down about $300 million in quarter 3 as quarter 2, which seems a little drop compared to the size of the trillions this company make every year, still it is enough to raise some eye brows. For the time being, Samsung is still the number one tech company in Android setup. Samsung’s acting chief Lee Jae Yong has also criticized the competition among the mobile phone manufacturers due to its intensity. Galaxy S10 and Galaxy Foldable may be released in the retail market by early 2019. Samsung is expected to make some organizational changes by the end of this year as well. The Korea Times reports that DJ Koh may leave or be replaced. He has been on this position since 2015 and have been failed to take any preemptive measure to deal with rising competition in mobile industry.

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