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Samsung may bring its own version of night mode

The camera is the biggest selling point of smartphones these days. Almost everyone wants a mobile phone that can take great pictures not only in day light but also when light is not so favorable for photography. This trend has made developers to push the limits and bring out the best technologies for photo shots and video making. The Huawei was the first company to try insane number of camera lenses to bring the out the best picture. Samsung also joined the trend and now even its mid-range mobile phone Galaxy A8s is the first quad camera smartphone within this price range.

Low-light photography took a new direction with Google’s night sight feature also known as bright night. You can take a picture in dark place and the result will be amazing – as you have taken it with good lighting. Xaiomi and OnePlus has taken its own versions of night sight. Now Samsung is working on its own version of it. This feature is being discovered in the latest One UI (Android Pie) beta program. Hopefully upcoming smartphones will have the capability to utilize this feature as well.

Google’s night feature might be the most popular one but similar features exist on other devices as well. OnePlus calls it Nightscape, Xiaomi calls it NightScene, Honor has Super Bright Mode and Huawei calls it Night Mode. Most of these devices have taken the same approach. They take multiple pictures and combine these into one picture which has more detail than a typical low-light photo.

So far, we are not sure when this will be released but Galaxy S10 might have it. Samsung might introduce it as an premium feature on its pricey models. Samsung did this with scene optimizer feature on the Galaxy Note 9 which was later added to the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Galaxy S10 is going to be full of the new exciting features that may launch in software domain probably. The rumors suggest that Galaxy S10 will be released at MWC 2019.

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