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Galaxy S10 may include two front-facing cameras with Infinity O display

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd would be releasing its flagship smartphone Galaxy S10 in early 2019 and as the release date is coming near, the rumors and leaks are pouring in. The latest rumor is about its camera. Samsung has been expected to debut the infinity O camera with Galaxy S10. The display screen would accommodate the built-in camera into the screen instead of a notch. Now the latest reports suggest that these two front cameras are built-into the infinity O screen.

A Chinese magazine reported that leaked screen protectors show the standard S10 has one front-facing camera within the screen and S10+ the premium model will likely to have two front-facing cameras. The S10+ would likely to have a screen to body ratio of 93.4 percent which is even higher than the Galaxy S9+. iPhone XS Max has 84.3 percent screen to body ratio while Galaxy S9+ came in 83.7 percent. This won’t be the first smart phone with in-display camera. Samsung has already introduced a mid-range mobile phone A8s with infinity O display screen earlier this month and Huawei followed suit with the Nova 4 shortly after that.

According to Ice Universe, a reputed leaker – the illuminated ring around the front-facing, pin hole camera will initially debut on the Galaxy A9s before making its way to the flagship smartphone. It appears that Galaxy S10 will have one camera whereas the Galaxy S10 plus will have two front-facing camera lens. In terms of function, it looks like the ring will glow when you click a picture or use facial recognition to unlock the handset. It may not act like as a flash for the camera.

Ice Universe has also put up with another possible look at the front design for the Galaxy S10+. In the top right corner for the screen cover, there is a cute out which appears to be two front facing camera. The panel also hints at the thinner bezels above and below the display compared to the Galaxy S9 and S9+. Ice Universe seem really confident about the leaks and even ask designers to draw a rendering around the concept if they want to. Only time will tell how accurate their predictions are but these seem pretty unique and exciting so far.

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