Samsung is planning some surprise items at CES 2019

Samsung announced eight projects today that it plans to show off in just a few weeks away at CES 2019 being held in Las Vegas. These projects are developed via Samsung’s creative lab program. Most of these projects used Artificial Intelligence at the core of their development. Samsung C-Lab had debut in 2016. This time, it will unveil the biggest number of projects in one show for the first time. The representative of the Korean company say, it will help refine the projects and prepare the prototypes that will eventually become the product to take the market.

Inkuk Hahn, vice president and head of the Creativity & Innovation Center at Samsung Electronics said, “We will present promising C-Lab projects leveraging AI technologies in the field of video content creation, perfume making and more. These are deeply related to our daily lives and we hope to catch the eyes of attendees.”


This is an in-video virtual ad service that creators can use while they are live streaming. The service will recognize the person in video and place ads on visuals thorough computer vision and graphics technology. The ads would just pop up on the cloths of the presenter without breaking the video for advertising.


This is an instant video making and editing service that would allow users to shoot and edit video simultaneously.



This is an artificially intelligent services which can analyze news. When a user will search for an event or news, Prismit will curate the top 5 related articles to that search. This would help user to understand the context along with the bigger picture of the particular news.


This is an ASMR sound recording solution. It is comprised of a smartphone and cover case that simulates the human ear as per Samsung’s statement. “When recording ASMR content with this solution, creators not only obtain spatially more enhanced sound in terms of sound directivity, they also produce vivid, realistic ASMR sounds with AI sound rendering software without professional recording devices.”

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