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Samsung mid-range smartphones may have curved LCD displays

Samsung filed for a patent last year for curved edge display which was granted last week. Samsung brought curved edge LCD as a premium feature for Samsung’s flagship smartphone back in 2014 which later became very much a standard design trend for its flagship series. The patent describes an LCD technology which is going to replace the usual glass backing with a plastic interface. This would make panel flexible which means you can bent the panel during the manufacturing process without any problem. Additionally it would make display less fragile; thus making it that bit harder to break.

Curved edge displays looks sexy and has futuristic vibe but these are easy to break. The curved sides of the Galaxy S9 series are less intense than its predecessor. This technology can make flexible, bendable and unbreakable LCD displays which could be used on foldable devices in the future. However, Samsung seems to focus on pre-curved display panels that can’t be bend by users, these are similar displays used on recent Galaxy S9 and Galaxy Note smartphones. At the moment, we have no reports of Samsung using flexible screen for Galaxy s10.

The Korean tech company, Samsung is also planning to use sound on Display OLED display on its smartphone. Providing mid-range smartphones with premium features is just another strategy of the company to beat the competition. A reputed tech review blog Techadvisor has listed top ten budget smartphone for 2018. It listed Galaxy A6 (2018) on 1oth number. The reason for being Samsung in very last is the ‘price factor’. The Moto is giving the same specs at much reasonable price. So if Samsung has to survive among all these rivals, it has to give something new and better to its users at affordable rates. Samsung seems to be on a rush to implement this new display into smartphones as this is the quite affordable technology and would help to cut down the final cost of the display as well.

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