5 reasons Samsung failed to impress its fan base in 2018

Year 2018 has come to its end. While this year we see some innovative and technological advanced solutions from Samsung, the company also experience some bumps along the road. Its smartphone sales dropped to some extent, despite of so much hype and branding standing behind. Samsung Electronics did improvised in some areas but still its loyal users were expecting more and felt disappointed. We have already talked about Samsung’s surprise products next year and Infinity display. Now let’s have a look at reasons Samsung couldn’t give its 100 percent.

Bixby just can’t compete

When the Samsung’s assistant first shipped with the Galaxy S8, we were tolerant about its shortcomings. We tried to understand that it is in initial phase of the development but now, it’s really too late. Google Assitant, Siri and Alexa have already established themselves. Bixby development is slow and not impressing at all. Despite Samsung made some improvements over the years, but still it lack the necessary innovation to attract the users. Samsung made talks about improved Bixby 2.0 taking the Virtual Assistant to new heights, it didn’t really couldn’t make it.

Galaxy Home couldn’t reach the users

For a company like Samsung, you might expect a product release soon after it has been announced but this isn’t the case with Galaxy Home. Google Home comes with Google Assistant, Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa but there is no Galaxy Home with Bixby. Strange. Isn’t? Samsung announced the Galaxy Home back in August 2018, with Galaxy Note 9 but still no sign of Galaxy Home in US. The official website still says ‘Coming soon’ for Galaxy Home.

Mid-range smartphones are still not standardized

In the past, Android phone manufacturers including Samsung had a different model for each major carrier. With the passage of time, the company focused more on customers and less on carriers and retailers for flagship smartphones. With mid-range smartphones, we don’t see the same motivation. Why there are so many different Galaxy J3, J5 models when this could be standardized?

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