Galaxy S10

Let’s look at the first design leak for Galaxy S10

There has been lots of excitement and speculation regarding Samsung’s heavily redesigned and an expensive Galaxy S10 range. All the limelight has been on the premium model so far. There has been some mystery around Galaxy S10 lite. The rumors suggest that entry level Galaxy S10 would be the model people would love to buy. It has features of premium smartphone with a budget a regular customer can afford.

Rumors claim that it has almost identical design to its most expensive competitor, Apple iPhone which means an astonishing design at a much less price tag. The design has been leaked by the much reputed yet anonymous industry leaker Ice Universe. Their previous leaks about Galaxy S9, Note 9 and iPhone XR has been proved as true. Compared to the premium variant of the Galaxy S10, the lite version has similar camera but miss triple array with a smaller cut-out. If you are comfortable with current Samsung’s finger print sensor, this model is good enough.

Galaxy S10 lite comes with a usual optical technology for fingerprint scanning whereas the Galaxy S10 premium would take advantage of ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. The S10 lite will have 5.8 inch display which is “enough” for many users for day to day usage as bigger display means larger battery requirements. The Galaxy S10 lite will be flat screen and there won’t be any curved edges. Which is also a plus as flat screens are fully covered by mobile cases so it is more about personal preferences here.

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