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What we know about Galaxy Note 10 so far

This year, Samsung would be celebrating its 10th anniversary of the Galaxy S series. The company seem excited about Galaxy S10 and made promise of new innovative design for the Galaxy S10. Soon after the Galaxy S9 release, the leaks about Galaxy S10 started to make highlights. Samsung is also expected to unveil two more flagship mobile phones this year: Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy Foldable.

Galaxy Note 10 was given the code name Da Vinci and it’s expected to be unveiled in six months from now.  Note 9 was a great deal when it comes to using innovative technologies at its best. With stylish S-Pen with blue tooth, this phone was one of its kind. Note 10 is expected to be better than this. The only possible drawback could be its hefty price tag. But if you are a technology enthusiast who don’t mind spending money for the latest and better gadgets, this could be your best armor at work.

You can expect some serious upgrades over Galaxy Note 9. Early rumors suggest 6.77 inch super AMOLED display and even slimmer bezels for a truly edge to edge experience with an 8% greater surface area. This year, we are going to see much larger display sizes as we have already mentioned earlier. Note 10 could be the first flagship without a traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. So far we haven’t have any confirmed news about the expected price for the Note 10 but it is safe to say that this would be higher than Note 9. Galaxy S10 is rumored to have 5G capability as optional feature. Note 10 will be launched much later than Galaxy S10 and might have 5G feature as standard.

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