Samsung detailed the January 2019 security patch

For technology enthusiasts, New Year comes with new updates. Google just release the first security update for 2019. It fixes few vulnerabilities. The android security bulletin list the details of security vulnerabilities affecting android devices. Vulnerabilities are grouped under the component they offer. The most sever vulnerability in this section had to ability to enable a local malicious application to bypass user interaction requirements in order to gain additional access without user permission or even notification. The Framework updated aosp version is 8.0, 8.1 and 9. The severity of this is marked as high.

Samsung is still in the process of releasing the security patch for any devices. Galaxy Note 9, though, has already got the new patch along with the Android Pie update. The patch seem to be the smallest in recent months in terms of number of critical vulnerabilities have been fixed but still it is important to keep the security intact. The January 2019 patch fixes three critical vulnerabilities in Android operating system, along with a slew of high risk vulnerabilities. As always, two of these vulnerabilities are kept hidden to prevent exploitation before the new security patch has reached all users.

We can expect the new security patch will be available for users in few days. To check your device’s current security patch level, you need to check the security update level in your settings app. You will probably get notification when updates are available for you. Security patch levels of 2019-01-01 or later address all issues associated with the 2019-01-01 security patch level. The gradual rollout method ensure maximum stability and reliability of the update.

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