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What Samsung users are expecting from Galaxy Note 10?

We are expecting Samsung to unveil its long awaited Galaxy S10 in two months. As the date is approaching, the excitement around the phone is growing as well, but even so, this hasn’t stopped some people from look even further to Galaxy Note 10. The phone will be releasing around August this year, as rumors suggest. Details on the phone are virtually non-existent at this point, but tech enthusiasts are putting together the list of things they hope or expect phone will get.

Galaxy Note 9 was “The Phone” in 2018. It came with a massive 4k display of 6.75 inches, a 4500 mAh battery that would lost all day long, storage with to keep unlimited photos and videos up to 1 TB. Samsung unveiled its Note 9 with Bluetooth functionality which was first of its kind. The camera was extra ordinary and may take amazing pictures even in low light. Now, people are expecting Note 10 better than its predecessor. Perhaps more options for remote control with the S-Pen to interact with Internet Browser and PDF readers and the ability to close already opened apps.

Note 9 doesn’t provide fast charging that many people would like to change for Note 10. Bigger battery with proper 30-50w fast charge would be nice. Slighter bigger battery may also be the part of an upgrade from previous flagship smart phone. With Google’s camera AI, competition in mobile photography is getting immense. Samsung may like to integrate AI into Note 10 camera for better and improved images.

We would like to hear from you? What do you expect from Galaxy Note 10 in terms of display or features? Let us know in comment section below.

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