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Samsung confirmed Beyond X for the first time

Samsung Electronics is facing serious threat from its smart phone rival companies. Company has decided not to fear from the competition and put their best in 2019 smart phones. Samsung is also offering premium features in mid-range mobile phones as well. But right now, the main focus is Galaxy S10 that may decide the future of S series. Spotted by Dutch site, GalaxyClub Samung has officially listed its Galaxy S10 Beyond X, an expensive range mobile with 6.7 inch smartphone with up to six cameras and 5G being enabled. This would be smart phone not everyone can afford to buy.

Samsung has finally filed registrations for the SM-G977 which is higher variant of SM-G970 (Galaxy S10 lite), SM-G973 (Galaxy S10) and SM-G973 (Galaxy S10 plus). GalaxyClub also found international variants of the Galaxy S10 model with its shipping destination. Samsung has listed only two variations:  the SM-G977 for North America and SM-G977N for South Korea. The European variant SM-G977F looks extremely unlikely and may not rolled out in Asia and South America as well.

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 line is packed with some major upgrades as we all know. This would be the world’s mobile phone to use ultrasonic technology for in-display finger print sensor. The rear camera uses triple lens for in-depth photography. Last month Samsung introduced its infinity displays. Galaxy S10 uses infinity-O cutout displays. There were rumors around possible variants of Galaxy S10 but it has been confirmed. The big question is how expensive this phone would be and how compete its biggest rival Samsung Galaxy F from the company itself.

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