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Samsung is working on a bunch of new robots and exoskeleton

This came as a complete surprise. In addition to all tech and appliance talk, at CES Las Vegas press conference Samsung announced a number of different robots- an entirely new field for the consumer electronics company. These robots cover everything from medicine to retail solutions.

The company gave a sneak preview of a cute Samsung Bot care on stage at the event. The upcoming home robot is a health care assistant designed for senior citizens and other people in people in need of care assistants. The robot can act as health assistant. It can deliver health briefings, medications and even check a user’s vitals. This one got the most attention as it’s the only device, Samsung presented at the time of press conference.

Samsung Bot care has a glossy white finishing with a huge screen for face that can display robot’s emotions as well as patient’s vital statistics. It can take voice commands and return information to user in an audio form. The Bot Care can suggest exercise and stretching guide, track medication intake and monitor a user’s sleep too. The display has a sensor embedded under the screen. It can take live readings over a user’s vital statistics. Just place your finger on it and it would return your blood pressure reading. You can also set the Bot Care to send a report to a family member based on your health monitoring stats. This would help elderly patients to send their reports to their doctors or family members remotely without any visiting them in real. This would save patient from lots of hazards.

There is also the Samsung Bot Air. It is an in-home air quality monitor. Samsung Bot Retail brings technology into a brick and mortar setting. In addition to these AI enabled hardware, we also have a sneak preview of Samsung Gems. It’s a mobility assisting exoskeleton that is supposed to help athletes and players. There is no word yet on when these will be commercially release but hopefully, Samsung will soon be able to deliver these.

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