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How to open apps in multi window on Android Pie

Samsung has offered users with the ability to run two apps on their smartphone at the same time due to multi window feature. But when you upgrade to Android Pie on your Galaxy smart phone, you may think that multi window functionality doesn’t exist anymore. It does exist but the process to open multiple apps at a time with Android Pie is different.

With Android Oreo, you need to hit the multi window button that showed up at the top of each app’s card in the recent apps screen. This would open the particular app in split screen mode with another app. On the new One UI on Androidl Pie, Samsung has switched to another method. Google has already employed this on stock Android. The method also changed for the pop-up view feature which allows users to open an app in small pop up window. This pop-up window can be moved around the screen.

So how do you open apps in multi window or pop up view on Android Pie in Galaxy Smart phones now? It is also easy. Open the app you want to run in split screen or pop up view, then bring up the multitasking screen by tapping the recent keys next to the home button, tap the icon above the app’s card then select the relevant option from the list. This isn’t the only changed One UI and Android Pie has brought in Galaxy smartphones. You can read about a comparison of Experience UI and One UI here.

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