Galaxy S10 may have accidentally been shown by Samsung

We all know that Samsung would unveil Galaxy S10 on February 20 but the company may have mistakenly shown the pictures of the phone in a recent article. Samsung newsroom published an article “Samsung’s One UI: a singular smartphone experience” explaining the company’s One UI. Article has pictures of a phone with a pinhole selfie camera, a curved screen and tiny bezels. This image is very much similar to the description of Galaxy S10 we have gathered so far from the leaks. This could be a generic image, the company later changed the picture to a more generic one, suggesting that this was posted by mistake.

Despite Samsung managed to remove the picture immediately, a Reddit user qgtx managed to see and save the original image before Samsung could make any move. With the Galaxy S10, Samsung fans are expecting a major upgrade to the design and hardware features rather than just an iteration as Samsung did with Galaxy S9. Samsung’s very own mobile chief D.J Koh describe the upgrade as “very significant”. The most dramatic change will likely to relate to the front facing camera. As rumors suggest that Galaxy S10 will get an infinity-O display. Samsung describe this as a screen with a pill shaped hole for one or two lenses.

The upper image is possible render of what is believed to be the S10+. The image was uploaded by a reputed leaker IceUniverse on Dec 4. The mockup seem to have no notch, but if you look closely, you won’t even find an ear piece either. Tech experts suggest that the new full screen infinity O display in the Galaxy S10 has relocated the ear piece to the top edge. We are not sure how Samsung would managed this yet.

Samsung has already released a phone Galaxy A8s with infinity O display. This is Samsung’s first mid-range smart phone to get the infinity display. As per rumors, the front facing camera would be in the right corner with minimal bezels surrounding the screen.

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