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Samsung Galaxy S10 will be on sale from 8 March

Samsung Electronics has some plans for February. Company has officially announced the event to unveil the Galaxy S10 line and new devices officially. But the company hasn’t said anything on when the devices would actually be available in the market for the customers. While we know that it’s going to be early March, we don’t have exact date. Now according to report from the ETNews, the Samsung is looking to begin selling the Galaxy S10 on March 8, whereas the upper model of the Galaxy S10 would be available later the same month on the 28 March.

Last year, Samsung shipped the Galaxy S9 to the customers who register themselves for pre-order. Company may follow the same approach similar to the one it used in the past years and ship Galaxy S10 to the customers who pre-order it. If Samsung decide to go this way, the first Galaxy S10 could arrive at the buyers early as on March 5. The prices would go as high as $1600 for the premium variant. The top variant most likely to have 5G network support.

Samsung hasn’t revealed much about the specification of the Galaxy S10. The company has increased the expectation of its fans by advocating for the new design and innovative features at many events. The device is coming up on the tenth anniversary of Galaxy S series. The upper device also has in-finger print sensor into the screen and come with an infinity O display that has the front-facing cameras placed under the front panel. The entry level model may feature just a dual camera along with fingerprint sensor on the back of the panel. The budget model S10 could have 5.8 inch display and a 3000mAh battery. Some people would argue that even $700 (rumored price) is high. Samsung’s official launch event for the Galaxy S10 will likely to take place in San Francisco.

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