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Galaxy S10 in-display fingerprint sensor may not work

In-display fingerprint scanner for Samsung Galaxy S10 is one of the most anticipated feature of the mobile phone. Unfortunately recently, a noted case maker Armadillotek has claimed that ultrasonic sensing technology may not support screen cover which can block the phone from reading fingerprints. This is only a theory at the moment, as Samsung Galaxy S10 would be the first smart phone to feature ultrasonic technology to recognize the fingerprints. If this theory is true, this might also apply to the other translucent coverings separating the display from fingerprints.

Unless Samsung came up with a response, we are unclear that if this applies to any layer between display and fingers or there is any restriction of meeting a minimum thickness or Samsung has some other particular material to work seamlessly with ultrasonic technology. Armadillotek said it has tested tempered glass and polyethylene terephthalate covers and both blocked the fingerprint sensor. The company is also will forgo the screen protector on its signature Vanguard case. The issue could lie how the scanner would interact with the finger impressions. So far, the smart phones have been using the optical technology for fingerprint scanning, which is based on 2D imaging. The scanner, takes 2D image of the finger print and then matches later when you try to unlock the phone. With ultrasonic technology, sensor would create a 3D map of fingerprint using ultra sonic waves. The standard and lite versions won’t have to face the same problem as they are using the optical technology. Let us hope that company came up with a better solution for the customers who want to use protective case.

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