Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus Exynos version just got benchmarked

Samsung has officially announced date for the unveil event of Galaxy S10 on February 20. Not long ago we witnessed a benchmark for the snapdragon 855 version of the Galaxy S10 Plus. The Snapdragon version likely to be released in the U.S market alone whereas the Snapdragon version is expected to reach to the rest of the world. The bench mark score of Exyons 9820 model is slightly lower than the Snapdragon 855.

NashvilleChatter was the first one to spot the geekbench for Exynos. The Galaxy S10 Plus with Exynos chip gets a single core score of 3,248 and a multi core one of 7,999. Phone runs on 6GB RAM and latest version of Android operating system. The earlier benchmark for the Snapdragon 855 model has a single core score of 3,413 and a multi core result of 10, 256. It is obvious that Snapdragon chipset is going to score higher, especially when the latest chip is more efficient 7nm size compare to the Exynos 9820’s 8nm. The weird part is that score was even lower than Galaxy S9 Plus.  

Yesterday, PhoneAreana also reported a geekbench score for the same chip with somewhat higher score. The standard version of Samsung Galaxy S10 reached a total of 9570 points on the multi-core test and 4382 points for the single core version. The Galaxy S10 will arrive with same triple camera setup on the rear as Galaxy S10 Plus. This means a 12 MP variable aperture camera, a telephoto alternate and a third sensor complete with a wide angle lens. Up front, an improved selfie camera is to be expected too. The benchmarks seem to be all over the place at the moment when it comes to Galaxy S10. The lite variant has too low score so there is nothing much to discuss about it. As regardless of what these benchmarks says, we are sure that Galaxy S10 is going to be a faster, powerful smartphone for Galaxy series and Samsung is not going to disappoint its fans this year.  

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