Samsung Gear S3 and Gear sport received an extensive upgrade to Tizen

Samsung Gear S3 and the Gear sport have been the former smart watch flagships. Many thought Samsung may have abandoned the Gear smartwatch brand in favor of Galaxy name but fortunately this isn’t the case. In past, whenever there was a software update, it was usually mostly provided with any security patch. But this has changed this time. Samsung Electronics has rolled a major operating system for both smart watches adding more functionality to the two rather aged wearables. The new smartwatch may be just around the corner.

The update has upgrade the smartwatch firmware from Tizen version to which brings lots of changes across the board. The very significant one is Samsung health, which can now track 20 indoor workouts including arm curls, bench presses and burpee tests. The app also now shows more detailed sleep statistics. You can have a better stats of your sleep of how well or poorly they slept.

Galaxy Gear

Samsung also has made changes in the system UI to look more intuitive and user friendly. You can customize the Quick panel settings with new options such as Bluetooth and Find my phone. There are also two new advanced modes – Theater and Good night. You can toggle certain settings off for silence mode. There hasn’t much done is the Gear’s built in apps, though ut the one thing that got a love this update is the messages app. MMS support has been improved to display pictures in notifications. It can play animated gifs/images while reading a message. You can now also save draft messages on the smart watch app itself.

The update is of 300MB. It hasn’t reach all the markets around the globe yet but if you haven’t receive the update, you can manually check if the update is already available in your country or not. To check go to Galaxy wearable app and check for an update in the Settings option.

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