Samsung is working on Next-Gen Gear VR Headset with a curved display

Yesterday the U.S patent office published a patent application of Samsung which was about a new design for a head mounted display – probably a Gear VR headset. This could be next-generation of Gear VR headset that would remove some of the negative aspects of current design and might add some new features users are going to like. Samsung first mentioned some of the problems with current HMD designs before providing the solutions. Samsung stated that conventional head mounted devices provide stereoscopic regions in both eyes. A viewing angle of about 100 to 120 degrees whereas a visual field that a person perceives is about 200 degrees is narrower than a viewing angle that a person generally perceives.

The device wasn’t able to execute high-level application video games or 3D content in wide angle and was providing a narrower viewing angle. The user’s didn’t like it and refer it as they were watching more like one would see through a periscope. It limited the whole concept and feeling of virtual reality. According to rumors, Samsung new head mounted device is optimized for a face shape in order to implement an ultra-wide angle human viewing angle. This is also going to slim the head set and would deal with the weight issue of the most head set available in the market today.

Samsung’s new head mounted device may have a curved display. As you can see the diagram illustrated in the Samsung patent, a frame having a mounting surface has a curvature structure. Curved display is mounted on the curved frame. A pair of optical assemblies provided on the left and right sides of the interior of the frame, which provide displayed images to the left and right eyes of the user to implement a viewing angle of 180 degrees while covering the whole visual field of the user within whole surrounding. New design also have a see-through function like Google glass leading to clear view that allow the user to view the real world.

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